Title Loan Options

pink slip loans

Pink Slip Loans

Borrow Over $1,000 (depending on state) with a Loan Secured Against Your Car Title

If you own your car, you can use your pink slip as collateral to get a fast loan. This means that when applying for a pink slip loan with us, credit is not the only factor in securing the loan as the loan is secured against your vehicles title. This means that all credit types are accepted, and credit is only one small factor in determining … Learn more >

Car Title Loans from 1 (800) Car-Title®

A car title loan is a great alternative when you need cash fast. You use the value of your car as one factor in determining how much cash you can borrow. The process is simple and easy, and it does not rely solely on your credit score, meaning you can still get a car title loan even with less than perfect credit. The loan amount is determined by how much cash you need, your vehicles value and your ability to … Learn more >

Refinance Your Car Title Loan and Save

Locked into a high interest rate car title loan? 1(800) Car-Title® may be able to help lower your payments and APR.

Other title loan companies tend to take advantage of their title loan customers by charging them ridiculously high interest rates, taking advantage of customers at their time of need. Here at 1(800) Car-Title® we believe in transparency and fairness, that’s why we may be able to help when you refinance your car title loan with us. We offer competitive … Learn more >

Motorcycle Title Loans

1(800) Car-Title® is one of the top title loan producers in the nation. We have been in business for over 15 years and continue to be in business thanks to our customers. We are the title loan company of choice when customers need fast cash. Now we are expanding to offer Motorcycle Title Loans, another way to help our customers to get the cash they need. A motorcycle title loan is a secured loan where you can get money using … Learn more >

RV Title Loans

Recreational Vehicles (RV) are a great option when you need fast cash. Most people are not aware that a RV also qualifies for a title loan. Here at 1(800) Car-Title®, we provide multiple title loan options, including RV title loans. If you have a RV, you might be eligible to get cash now using, in part, the equity of the vehicle.

If you are wondering how an RV title loan works, the process is just like a car title loan … Learn more >